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  1. I have read the interresting article about Doggerland. I am a danish amateur-archaeologist, and I new that the North Sea had earlier been dry land, but I have allways thourght of it as kind of a land-bridge, untlill I early thi, wheres summer saw a program on National Geograpphic television called “The Atlantis og the North”, where they told about all
    the interresting objects that has been found on the shores
    around the North Sea both in England, Holland and France,
    and I look forward to hear more about this and I will consult
    your website freequently.

  2. how intresting to be able to create or bring back a lost country. how far under the water is the dogger island and could it really be done to re surface this island ? steve laird

  3. Through Oral History we knew of this sea (Dogger Banks) and land, through knowing the mainland slipped away from other isles. Our Dogger ancestors date back to 1607, Obbe Saak Dogger. Until this time children took the first name of their fathers ie: son of Obbe Saak would be Saak Obbe. At this time (1600′s) the fishermen took the name Dogger as they fished in the sea for DogFish (cod). We search for what we teasingly call our *Holy Grail* ; a silver goblet gifted to a Dogger who was Captain of a whaler and caught 13 whales in one season. We have seen a photo of this Goblet and the name inscribed.. WE shudder now to even think of a whale being caught for oil or “sport”
    Doggers in Canada are rare, there may be no boy children left to carry on the name.. Not so in Australia where there appear to be many .
    I continue using my maiden name to sign my photography and paintings.. Sandra Dogger Klassen

  4. I have never heard of Doggerland until recently my wife and i had our genetic profile done by a company called 23andme.. That profile includes diseases,carrier status,traits,and low and behold ancestry.. My Y chromosome contains with a high degree of certainty completely Doggerland DNA. The Y chromosome does not share DNA with the X (female) chromosome. In fact it is and exact copy of my fathers and his fathers all the way back to when the genetic mutation first happened, Doggerland. It is fascinating that my ancestral home is now under water. I want my land back.

    Frank Boyle Lexington,Kentucky,USA

  5. Well, I never! I came across this website (or is it a blog?) almost by accident during research into the coble – an inshore fishing boat prevalent along the east coast of England. I knew, very sketchily, about the land bridge between the UK and the continent, but the historical sources that this site has thrown up are amazing and have certainly opened up my eyes! The next time I gaze out across the North Sea when fishing off a Northumbrian beach, I’ll be thinking of you all. Well done and more power to your elbow!

  6. Just got my 23 and Me DNA results and my mtDNA traces back to Northern Europe and Doggerland, I never heard of it until now.

  7. My Mtdna also comes from Doggerland, how so? what is it that tells them this

  8. under our domain http://www.state-union.us a report re. doggerbank

  9. steven baxter wrote three alternate histories novels on this doggerland well researched and compelling try them

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