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  1. Sjaan was my grandmother

    1. Dear Liz…Since Aunt Jane (Jaan) was your Oma, your Grandmother, I do hope you had opportunity to know her more than I did your great grandmother.. My Grandmother (Oma) cleaned homes as did her daughter Aunt Margaret.In Edmonton. I do not know the circumstances surrounding the passing of Jenneke ( Vogelesangh ) Dogger. I have far more knowledge of Grandad (Opa) Dogger, he was a most diverse. curious and wonderfully gifted man. He had a great sense of humor.I don’t know if he had a vocation. Since my father Jack was a fine woodworker and magnificent kite maker and flyer we as children had many warm memories of him.

      There were other circumstances I won’t relate here, as the Rabbit Thumpers Mommy said in Bambi “If you haven’t anything nice to say about someone don’t say anything at all. ” Have a wonderful Holiday, as my cousin Tery said to day and I pass these words to you. The last liviing sister of our grandparents from Holland is Aunt Anne, born in Canada. She lives in BC Canada. I spoke with her twice today and she is so very much pleased to know we might have more information of her sister Jaan (Jane) plus Aunt Anne hopes we can somehow trace her mother Jenneke Vogelsangh Dogger . I have copy of their passage to Canada from Holland I have copy of their wedding certificate .
      Now we know this much of each other we have to find a way to email besides on this post. (Facebook?? ) ♥

  2. I have a picture of your dad and my mom ,taken about the same time. I am sorry to say, my mom Jane threw away a lot of the old pictures. As soon as i get my son to show me how to copy the picture I will send it to you. Margaret came to visit us in Utah. Grandmother came once. My mom went to Canada, taking my two younger brothers with her. It was in the summer. I don’t know what it was for. I will give you the correct names, and spelling at that time. One of the brothers lived in Salt Lake City. I will check with my brother not sure which one. My husband and I have been to Holland several times. My father said the bldg. he lived in is still there. Dad and Mom and Henry , are gone now. If you have any more pictures. It would be wonderful. I have been planning to give my brothers a copy of the ones i have. I can include you in the group. It will be a while,it’s Christmas. We were in Amsterdam a year ago, We bought a Volvo and went to amsterdam for a few days. Looking forward to hearing from you. Lavvora

    1. Please request access through Facebook . I use the three names you see here
      I feel disappointment I could not access your email as was sent to me. Cheers Sansra

  3. Lavora is spelled Lavora

  4. In my family tree research into the family Vogelezang I came on site Doggerland. I saw a picture of the Dogger family before leaving Delft.

    My name is Corrie Bel-van Leeuwen.
    I am a granddaughter of Cornelia Vogelezang (25-11-1892 Delft) sister of Cornelia Wilhelmina Jenneke Vogelezang. My mother (daughter of Cornelia) always told about her aunt Jenneke with her husband Dirk Dogger who with her husband Dirk Dogger and children have emigrated to Canada.
    The family tree of the Vogelezang family goes back to 1828.
    If you’re interested, I would like to send.
    I hope you can understand. my school English.
    Best regards Corrie Bel- van Leeuwen from Holland.

    P.S. I have a picture of my grandmother Cornelia. she very similar to her sister Jenneke

  5. Oh dear I could weep. Here we are finding our first cousins after all these years. What prompted me looking at this page today? You wrote it on my daughters birthday. We in Canada are not a big family . In The USA we find more family.. This all comes about as I wrote an article for “Reclaiming Doggerland”.

    What a wonderful Christmas gift for my Aunt Anne, the last living of our Grandparents. She had asked me to trace her Mothers Family. God Bless you, Thankyou for your kind contact! Sandra

  6. Hello,
    What a surprise that I accidently found this page!
    My name is Ellen van de Ven and my grandmother was Dien (Gerdina Cornelia) Vogelezang, born 29-1-1890
    And I have visited Jack and Beryl Dogger for a holiday in Barriere BC, that must have been in the early eightees,
    nice memories of that! If I dig some albums I probably still have pictures from there.
    But for now, as a new year is here again, everybody a very good and healthy 2014!

  7. Dear Sandra,
    In the first place a happy New Year to you and your family, and especially for your Aunt Anne.I can understand your emotions.I have searched for 15 years for family of grandfather, the husband of my grandmother Cornelia Vogelezang.Also thanks to the Internet, I found the family in 2010 in Venezuela.
    I have attached information about the parents of Jenneke Wilhelmina Vogelezang.Thus the grandparents of your Aunt Anne.
    The family tree of Vogelezang family can be found at http://www.geneanet.nl. My contact page is volkmann5.
    Birth and marriage certificate you can find on http://www.digitale stamboom delft.nl.
    If you want more information I would like to hear from you.
    l know the grandmother Ellen. She have a sleepover at my mothers house in 1963.

    Sandra, I end this mail with regards for you and Aunt Anne.

    Afstammelingen van Gerrit VOGELEZANG

    Gerrit VOGELEZANG, geboren op 11 juni 1863, Capelle aan de IJssel, , , ,, overleden op 13 oktober 1933, Delft, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 70 jaar oud), Opperman, arbeider. [Notitie 1]
    Gehuwd op 22 juni 1885, Culemborg, , , ,, met Adriana Christina van BREDA, geboren op 16 juli 1861, Ravenswaaij, Maurik, , , ,, overleden op 11 december 1936, Delft, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 75 jaar oud) [Notitie 1-1]

    … en hun kinderen:
    •Elisabeth VOGELEZANG, geboren op 19 augustus 1883, Leerdam, , , ,, overleden op 27 november 1952, Delft, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 69 jaar oud). [Notitie 2]
    Gehuwd op 18 november 1903, Delft, , , ,, met Leendert de VRIES, geboren op 16 december 1880, Delft, , , ,, overleden, Werkman [Notitie 2-1].
    •Jenneke Wilhelmina VOGELEZANG, geboren op 3 april 1885, Culemborg, , , ,, overleden op 2 januari 1955, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 69 jaar oud). [Notitie 3]
    Gehuwd op 30 augustus 1905, Delft, , , ,, met Dirk DOGGER, geboren op 6 januari 1881, Landsmeer, , , ,, overleden op 27 juni 1974, Edomton, Alberta, Canada, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 93 jaar oud), Werkman, uitnemer glasfabriek [Notitie 3-1].
    •Adriana Christina VOGELEZANG, geboren in 1888, Den Haag, , , ,, overleden. [Notitie 4]
    Gehuwd op 24 mei 1911, Delft, , , ,, met Pieter Johannes DUPON, geboren op 11 april 1886, Delft, , , ,, overleden op 22 mei 1958, Delft, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 72 jaar oud), Smid [Notitie 4-1].
    •Gerdina Cornelia VOGELEZANG, geboren op 29 januari 1890, Den Haag, , , ,, overleden op 8 februari 1980, Delft, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 90 jaar oud). [Notitie 5]
    Gehuwd op 7 augustus 1912, Delft, , , ,, met Jacobus Petrus DIJKGRAAF, geboren op 24 oktober 1889, Delft, , , ,, overleden op 15 januari 1964, Delft, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 74 jaar oud), Timmerman [Notitie 5-1].
    •Cornelia VOGELENZANG, geboren op 25 november 1892, Delft, , , ,, overleden op 15 december 1962, Schiedam, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 70 jaar oud). [Notitie 6]
    Gehuwd op 28 juli 1909, Delft, , , ,, met Engelhart Anton Robert VOLKMANN, geboren op 10 juli 1884, Tennern, , , , Rusland?, gedoopt op 15 juli 1884, overleden op 20 november 1922, Schiedam, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 38 jaar oud), Glasblazer [Notitie 6-1].
    Gehuwd op 28 augustus 1924, Schiedam, , , ,, met Johannes Marius van EIJK, geboren op 22 oktober 1897, Schiedam, , , ,, overleden in februari 1953, Schiedam, , , ,, begraven, Schiedam, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 55 jaar oud), Groentenman [Notitie 6-2].
    •Gerrit VOGELENZANG, geboren op 6 juli 1895, Delft, , , ,, overleden, Fabrieksarbeider. [Notitie 7]
    Gehuwd op 14 maart 1917, Delft, , , ,, met Jacoba Margaretha HOUTMAN, geboren op 12 april 1897, overleden [Notitie 7-1].
    •Trijntje VOGELENZANG, geboren op 4 februari 1898, Delft, , , ,, overleden op 13 april 1945, Arnhem, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 47 jaar oud). [Notitie 8]
    Gehuwd op 1 augustus 1919, Delft, , , ,, met Lodewijk Carel van de VEN, geboren op 27 april 1892, Katwijk, , , ,, overleden op 30 mei 1972, Hilversum, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 80 jaar oud), Huischilder [Notitie 8-1].
    •Jan Dirk VOGELENZANG, geboren op 6 mei 1900, Delft, , , ,, overleden, Metaalbewerker, lasser. [Notitie 9]
    Gehuwd op 31 december 1924, Delft, , , ,, met Hendrika Wilhelmina BOSMAN, geboren in 1890, Dordrecht, , , ,, overleden, Verpleegster [Notitie 9-1].
    Gehuwd op 8 januari 1930, Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, , , ,, met Christina Petronella LIBOT, geboren op 12 juni 1890, Delft, , , ,, overleden op 24 mei 1958, Delft, , , , (leeftijd bij overlijden: 67 jaar oud) [Notitie 9-2].
    •Anna VOGELENZANG, geboren op 30 oktober 1902, Delft, , , ,, overleden. [Notitie 10]
    Gehuwd op 1 april 1921, Delft, , , ,, met Adrianus Gerardus KOELEMAN, geboren op 10 september 1897, Delft, , , ,, overleden, Hourbewerker [Notitie 10-1].
    •Adrianus VOGELENZANG, geboren op 6 augustus 1905, Delft, , , ,, overleden, Fabrieksarbeider. [Notitie 11]
    Gehuwd op 9 juni 1926, Delft, , , ,, met Catharina Elizabeth ROTGANS, geboren in 1905, Amsterdam, , , , [Notitie 11-1].
    3 (Jenneke Wilhelmina VOGELEZANG 1885-1955)

    Huwelijk : Met Dirk DOGGER
    Bruidegom Dirk Dogger , geboren te Landsmeer , leeftijd 24
    Vader Simon Dogger
    Moeder Margreta Wijkman
    Bruid Jenneke Wilhelmina Vogelezang , geboren te Culemborg , leeftijd 20
    Vader Gerrit Vogelezang
    Moeder Adriana Christina van Breda
    Plaats Delft
    Huwelijksdatum 30-08-1905
    Delft Akte Jaar 1905 Nummer 164

    Submitters (2)
    Source Citation
    “Ancestral File v4.19,” database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.2.1/M7FC-TK1 : accessed 30 October 2011), entry for Dirk DOGGER.
    Overleden :
    name:Jenneke Wilhelmina VOGELEZANG
    gender: Female
    birth:3 Apr 1885
    Culemborg, Geld, Neth
    death:2 Jan 1955
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Dirk Dogger, “New York, Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island), 1892-1924”
    Given Name: Dirk
    Surname: Dogger
    Last Place of Residence: Delft, Holland
    Event Date: 01 Nov 1923
    Age: 42y
    Nationality: Holland, Russian
    Departure Port: Rotterdam
    Arrival Port: New York
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: M
    Citizenship Status:
    Ship Name: Volendam

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